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ST - SUPER Tourer

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MAKO ST Paddle

The ST Super Tourer paddle has a smooth entry and a powerful catch.

The blade shape allows for variable entry angle and makes the ST suitable for multiple styles of paddling.

The smaller blade has the same stable feel in the water that is less aggressive for all day paddling.

The smaller shape allows for the blade to to be on a longer shaft to give the same forward drive allowing it it work well with low angle paddling style and wider paddling craft.

It also lends itself to a broad range of uses: from cruising/day-tripping/touring, to expedition paddling, to racing or paddling events.

Blade size 17 cm wide by 45.5cm long.

Available in fibreglass, carbon or poly construction.

Available in one piece or two piece with Kajak Sport connector.

The ST POLY (Fibreglass reinforced polypropylene) comes in a standard 218cm @ 60 degrees
Poly Blade Size (cm): 42.7 x 17.4
Red, Yellow

Weights  780  to 1000 gm.


Kajak Sport Shaft ferrule (Joiner) is world leading paddle shaft adjuster made of hi-tech plastic. This universal ferrule unit is well known from the quality and operation. Kajak Sport Ferrule unit is the finest shaft adjuster solution for free feather and length adjustment on the market.

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