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GT - Grand Tourer

GT Blades.jpg

MAKO GT Paddle

The GT touring blade combines a number of features that make it a Jack of all trades.

The blade outline loads more area into the top half of the blade making the catch softer and moving the power part of the stroke to the mid stroke where the paddler is strongest.

The blade is modestly dished both across the face and lengthwise making the asymmetric touring a very stable blade that has found favour in nearly every discipline of kayaking.

This blade has been used for slalom racing, wild water racing, sea touring, white water trekking as well general recreational paddling.

The strong back rib, innovative blade shape and soft catch make it an all day, all conditions dependable no worries paddle.

Blade size 18.5 cm wide by 45cm long.

Weights  780 to 1000 gm.

Available in fibreglass or carbon construction.
Available in one piece or two piece with Kajak Sport connector.

Weights  790  to 1000 gm.


Kajak Sport Shaft ferrule (Joiner) is world leading paddle shaft adjuster made of hi-tech plastic. This universal ferrule unit is well known from the quality and operation. Kajak Sport Ferrule unit is the finest shaft adjuster solution for free feather and length adjustment on the market.

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