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These paddle blades were designed by legend ski designer, Jan Horak from Spectrum Skis.

The Spectrum blades are unique in that they have two curves interacting with each other. 


One curve is 60 degrees off the centre line and the other is 30 degrees off the perpendicular giving a blade that flows nicely in the water whilst rewarding a more natural paddling style.


The twist in the blades balances the blade in the water and so eases strain on the forearms as well as facilitating an exceptional clean entry and exit.

The Spectrum blade is unique in the way that it catches the water so that the blade delivers the same power throughout the whole stroke.

Spectrum wing paddles come in 3 blade sizes

  • Small 15.5 wide by 46 cm long.

  • Medium 16.5 wide  by 50 cm long.

  • Large 18 cm wide by 54 cm long.

Available in fibreglass or carbon construction.

Available in one piece or two piece with Kajak Sport connector.

Weights  790  to 1000 gm.


Kajak Sport Shaft ferrule (Joiner) is world leading paddle shaft adjuster made of hi-tech plastic. This universal ferrule unit is well known from the quality and operation. Kajak Sport Ferrule unit is the finest shaft adjuster solution for free feather and length adjustment on the market.

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